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  About the Journal

Journal of Primary Dentistry and Oral Health (JPCDOH) , a publication of the Institute of Family Medicine and Primary Care, is a peer-reviewed print + online 3 Issues journal. The journal's full text is available online at http://www.jpcsonline.org. The journal allows free access (Open Access) to its contents. It permits authors to self-archive the final accepted version of the articles on any OAI-compliant institutional / subject-based repository.

  Scope of the journal

The Journal of Primary Care Dentistry and Oral Health (JPCDPH) has been established with the aim of promoting primary care dentistry and oral health research. Most oro-dental diseases are preventable. Dental and oral health impact the overall health and quality of life of a person. Poor oral health leads to systemic illnesses. Failure to prevent the progression of preventable oral disease many times leads to serious adverse outcomes. Oral health and primary care dentistry should receive the attention they deserve. No standard referral system exists between primary care specialists and dental care providers. A formal professional network between medicine and dentistry doesn't occur in routine. The general health delivery system as organized currently fails to ensure mandatory dental and oral health. The disparities are more visible for low rural and underserved populations.

The journal fosters a dialogue between primary care, dental, and oral health professionals. Dental public health deals with population-based dentistry, disease prevention, the promotion of dental health, and the surveillance of oral health. The role of dental and oral health is not optimized in primary care and public health context. Widespread surveillance of oral health including the monitoring of problems such as oral cancer and tobacco use is possible in primary care settings also. Community-based care for the prevention of dental disease and the promotion of oral health health

The primary care setting uniquely offers the opportunity to deliver oral health care to high risk and particularly to those who bear the greatest burden of diseases. Primary care providers, dental surgeons, and their teams are required to work together and collaborate. In this partnership, the role of the primary care provider and the team is to assess and reduce risk, screen for signs of early oral disease, implement preventive measures, and identify patients in need of dental care. Whereas the dentists have a role in preventing oral disease and identifying patients at elevated risk.

Who Can Submit

Professionals of all specialties of Dentistry, oral health, ENT, Oncology, Family medicine, primary care, Internal medicine, Pediatrics, OBG, public health, nursing professionals, policymakers, medical students, nursing students, and other healthcare professionals are welcome to submit their research work. Scholars of all applied sciences, broad specialties, subspecialties, and other professionals are welcome to publish their research and findings towards an interdisciplinary dialogue for better health outcomes. The manuscripts may belong to basic, fundamental, applied, and clinical sciences.

  Institute of Family Medicine and Primary Care - iFMPC

iFMPC (www.ifmpc.org) is an organization dedicated to the strengthening of community-based primary healthcare services. The institute’s vision is to promote international standard scholarship, training, education, and research within primary care in the urban, rural, and remote contexts. The institute facilitates a generalist as well as a multidisciplinary approach. The ongoing projects include pre-hospital clinical services and digital healthcare products. One of the institute’s objectives is to engage with independent primary care researchers and encourage them for community-based research projects. iFMPC supports primary care scholarship through micro-grant research projects as an intervention towards academic resource development within the academic disciplines of Family Medicine and Primary Care. The institute supports the prioritization of Primary Care and Family Medicine as academic disciplines internationally. iFMPC collaborates with national and international academic departments and universities. The institute has established various publication projects to expand the scholoristic space and professional domain of primary care.

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Journal of Primary Care Dentistry and Oral Health, a publication of Institute of Family Medicine and Primary Care is a peer-reviewed print + online 3 Issues journal.

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